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Vampire Academy : Roza Pin

Vampire Academy "Roza" PinVampire Academy "Roza" Pin
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Cloisonné collector's pin featuring "Roza"

“I liked the way he would say my name in Russian, murmured like a prayer: Roza, Roza…“

And with this line romantic expectations of female readers everywhere lifted, as they dreamed of a god-like Russian whispering their name. Dimitri may be a little difficult to come by in the real world, but with this cloisonné collector’s pin close by you can keep the fantasy alive.

Cloisonné is a decorative arts technique where metal wire is soldered on a metal surface's design, and the ensuing spaces (cloisons) are filled with enamel, leaving a polished finish after firing.

Dimensions: 1.13" wide x 1.265" tall, pin depth 3/8"

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