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Archie: Life of Archie Tumbler

One guy. One soda. Two lovely girls. What to do? Share! Harry Lucey's classic "Three on a Soda" cover for 1958's Life with Archie #2 features Archie, Betty and Veronica partaking of an ice cream treat over the incredulous (for different reasons) observations of Reggie and Jughead. Serve up a scoop or two in this tumbler -- don't worry, it can take both hot and cold drinks -- and share this treasure of Americana with a loved one ... or two, if you have enough straws.

With a capacity of 15 ounces, this Tumbler works with both exercise hydration and nighttime relaxation. Hot and cold beverages alike will maintain their temperature, and the snap-on lid prevents displacement. On-the-go beverages won't find a snazzier container than this!


  • Tumbler can be used with hot and cold beverages.

  • Do not put in the microwave or dishwasher.


  • 15 ounce capacity

  • 7 1/8" tall x 2 1/2" rim diameter

  • red lid

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