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Rise of the Guardians: Character Study Laser Cel 9"x 9"

Bad dreams? Evil conjurer Pitch's gotten into your head. Time for the Guardians to restore sweet tidings. Sleep creeps, begone!

Behold this Character Study Laser Cel™ of the stars of the DreamWorks Animation feature "Rise of the Guardians". From left to right, behold the five main Guardians (Toothiana, Nicholas St. North, Jack Frost, E. Aster Bunnymund and Sanderson Mansnoozie) and their nocturnal nemesis, conjurer Pitch Black. Display this laser cell in your bedroom, and say night-night to your nightmares. (Of course, avoiding caffeine before bedtime also helps.)

Specifications and Dimensions:

  • Limited edition

  • Mylar print

  • Laser-etched medallion

  • Certificate of authenticity

  • Dimensions: 9" x 9"

What is a Laser Cel?

Laser Cels are a lithograph technology where the image is actually printed on industrial grade Mylar. Unlike traditional animation cels and paper; Mylar will not fade, chip, crack or deteriorate. Additionally, this synthetic is immune to heat, light and moisture. However, similar to its counterparts, images printed using this process still retain the same high quality and brilliant colors found in any animated cell. To complete the presentation and further define each piece as collectible, the Laser Cell prints will each be mounted in a complimentary matt. Some pieces will then have a uniquely numbered laser etched medallion, embedded within the frame itself. The result is a limited edition, pre-matted print that excels in beauty and quality.

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