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Frazetta Laser Sculpt- Princess and the Panther

Laser Sculpture with Frazetta’s “The Princess and the Panther” (1990; also called "Cat Girl 2") printed on bamboo

When is a sequel not a sequel? If it portrays a different character, adds a secondary character, and even a different name? Frazetta’s 1984 “Cat Girl” featured a brunette woman in a swamp, alone. This particular work sets in a similar-looking swamp, but this time the woman is a blonde, and she’s with a black panther. In fact, there’s no agreement on the name. Some people hang the number two at the end of the title, others refer to it with the unrelated princess/panther name. So, is this painting a true sequel? Up to you!

About This Sculpture

Licensed by the Frank Frazetta estate, our Laser Sculptures feature his most popular images printed on a coated bamboo plate. Attached to a powder-coated metal backer, they can be displayed hung on a wall (through a hook-accommodating slot) or flat on a surface (with rubber feet as protection). Elegant and durable, our Laser Sculptures offer a long-lasting addition to your fantasy art collection.


  • Thickness: 11/16”

  • Dimensions: 8” x 10”

  • Backing plate color: green

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