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Frazetta Laser Sculpt- Death Dealer 3

Laser Sculpture with Frazetta’s “Death Dealer #3” (1987) printed on bamboo

Poor Gath of Baal. The orphaned barbarian was simply trying to keep his forest free from the evil Kizzaks. Then the well-meaning Cobra gives him an otherworldly powered helmet, which transforms him into the savage “Death Dealer”. That’s the story inspired by Frazetta’s original 1973 painting of Death Dealer, as told in James Silke’s fantasy novel series, a comic series in the 1990s and 2000s, and even the role playing game Maddrax. Frazetta painted at least six works of the mind-controlled marauder over the years, including covers for the aforementioned books and comics; this third edition is one of his most popular.

About This Sculpture

Licensed by the Frank Frazetta estate, our Laser Sculptures feature his most popular images printed on a coated bamboo plate. Attached to a powder-coated metal backer, they can be displayed hung on a wall (through a hook-accommodating slot) or flat on a surface (with rubber feet as protection). Elegant and durable, our Laser Sculptures offer a long-lasting addition to your fantasy art collection.


  • Thickness: 11/16”

  • Dimensions: 8” x 10”

  • Backing plate color: rust

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