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Frank Frazetta!

Works from the famed science fantasy artist will be arriving, in ways only the Vault can imagine! Check our blog ... and watch this space!

  1. Dreary & Naughty : "Friday the 13th of February" - Book
  2. Dreary & Naughty : "Hugs" - Laser Cel

    Dreary & Naughty : "Hugs" - Laser Cel

    Price: $10.00

  3. Dreary & Naughty : "The Misadventures of" - Book
  4. Dreary & Naughty : Bunniekittie Plush

    Dreary & Naughty : Bunniekittie Plush

    Price: $15.00

About Our Vaults  

Dreary and Naughty --

The son of the Reaper
And Mephistopholes' gal
Were shunned by their peers
So they became pals.

Ostracism blows
Acceptance we exhault,
So celebrate the pair
Right here at the Vault.