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About the Vault

"Characters You Love ... And Some You've Yet to Meet!"

What draws people to given book series, comics, even artists?

Many times, it's popularity. Sharing an entertainment experience with millions the world over enhances their sense of unity. Other times, it's discovery. Falling under the spell of an unfamiliar franchise ignites a thrill unmatched by the standbys.

The Arcane Vault grants you access to worlds from everywhere on this spectrum. Some of our partners you've likely grown up with. Some, you've touched on casually. Others you may have heard a friend gush over or thought, "That looks familiar." And others are completely new to you. Here's a sampling of our range of friends ...

Edward Gorey:  Morbidity has never been so mirthful. Gorey's cross-hatched illustrations adorned many books, some of which he also authored, and even a PBS show's opening credits. Not only that, he also won a Tony Award.

"Vampire Academy":  The popular Young Adult book series by Richelle Mead. St. Vladimir's Academy student Rose Hathaway trains to become a Guardian, to protect her best friend Lissa and other upstanding vampire royalty (Moroi) from undeead, predatory Strigoi.

Archie Comics®:  A cornerstone of American pop culture for generations. Along with Riverdale mainstays like Jughead, Betty, Veronica and the namesake redhead himself,  you'll also find new characters like Kevin Keller.

Frank Frazetta:  The godfather of science fantasy art. Frazetta's paintings and illustrations deservedly emboldened hundreds of sci-fi novel covers and comic books, not to mention a few rock album sleeves. His Death Dealer and Night Stalker depictions maintain continuous popularity.

And there's more, with more to come.

Explore our offerings, converse with us and others on our social media outlets, and get closer to the characters you love ... and ones you've yet to meet.


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