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Frank Frazetta!

Works from the famed science fantasy artist will be arriving, in ways only the Vault can imagine! Check our blog ... and watch this space!

Art of Shawn Dubin: Abigail

Price: $30.00

Vampire Academy : Promise Mark Enamel Ke...

Price: $5.95

Mermie Collection: She Loved Mysteries...

Price: $25.00

Mermie Collection: Bad Twin 8"x8&qu...

Price: $25.00

Welcome to Riverdale 8"x12" La...

Price: $32.00

Vampire Academy Samsung Galaxy S4 phone cover

Price: $18.00

Edward Gorey : Pinch Button - Cat & Book

Price: $6.00

Rise of the Guardians: Location Study 8...

Price: $34.00

Lucy & Dracula 3D HD2 Laser Cel

Price: $28.00

Art of Shawn Dubin: Frankly

Price: $20.00

Archie : Kevin 7x9 Laser Cel

Price: $16.00

Vampire Academy : St. Vladimir's Letter Pin

Price: $6.00

Art of Shawn Dubin: Poe - White

Price: $30.00

Vampire Academy : Black Laser-cut Keychain

Price: $5.95

Rise of the Guardians: Tooth Fairy Laser...

Price: $9.99

Vampire Academy : Ribbon Bookmark

Price: $5.95

Frazetta Laser Sculpt- Mammoth (STEEL)

Price: $95.00

Doubtful Guest 3D HD2 Laser Cel

Price: $28.00

Toon Tumblers: Harley Quinn

Price: $9.99

Vampire Academy : Roza Pin

Price: $7.00