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Notes from the Vault

Learn how to EARN YOUR MARK and get a great new St. Vlad's sweat shirt in our Specials Section. 

  1. Juniors Faded V-Neck Tee

    Juniors Faded V-Neck Tee

    Price: $26.00

  2. Ladies Crew Neck Tee - Red

    Ladies Crew Neck Tee - Red

    Price: $21.00

  3. Ladies Dyed V-Neck Tee - Purple

    Ladies Dyed V-Neck Tee - Purple

    Price: $23.00

  4. Ladies Raglan Tee - Green

    Ladies Raglan Tee - Green

    Price: $23.00

About Our Vaults  

Vampire Academy -- Benevolent Vampires, the Moroi, are under threat by evil Strigoi (shudder). It's up to Guardians like Rose Hathaway to protect the good blood-suckers from the bad blood-suckers. Where do they get their training? None other than the beloved creation of author Richelle Mead, the Vampire Academy! Fight, fight, fight for St. Vladimir's