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Notes from the Vault

Learn how to EARN YOUR MARK and get a great new St. Vlad's sweat shirt in our Specials Section. 

Vampire Academy : Zvezda Enamel Keychain

Price: $5.95

Edward Gorey : Dracula and Lucy 3D Laser Cel

Price: $48.00

Art of Shawn Dubin: La Novia

Price: $20.00

Vampire Academy : Messenger Bag

Price: $39.00

Archie : Veronica 7x9 Laser Cel

Price: $16.00

Gashleycrump Tinies 3D HD2 Laser Cel

Price: $28.00

Edward Gorey Pinch Button : Gorey & ...

Price: $6.00

Out of stock

Rise of the Guardians: Sand Man Laser Ce...

Price: $34.00

Juniors Faded V-Neck Tee

Price: $26.00

Rise of the Guardians: Tooth Fairy Laser...

Price: $9.99

Vampire Academy Ipod Touch 5 Cover

Price: $18.00

Archie: Let's Dance Laser Cel

Price: $28.00

Vampire Academy : Ribbon Bookmark

Price: $5.95

Dreary & Naughty : Mr. Red Bones Plush

Price: $15.00

Art of Shawn Dubin: Vlah Vlah

Price: $20.00

Ladies Crew Neck Tee - Red

Price: $21.00

Art of Shawn Dubin: Abigail

Price: $30.00

Art of Shawn Dubin: Ellis

Price: $30.00

Vampire Academy: Aluminum Hard Cases

Price: $18.00

Toon Tumblers: Thor-org

Price: $9.99